"Pollyanna-Principled" Consultant Education

Consultant Education Curriculum

The 3-stage Consultant Education Program begins with the "Introductory" level, moving to the more developmental "Immersion" level, and then finally to the "Faculty" level. At each level, your work will be supported by Learning Communities to encourage new ways of thinking, being and doing.

Phase 1: The Introductory Level

The Introductory Level establishes the foundation for the rest of the education program through a self-paced introduction. The program combines reading, video, and Learning Community participation to begin immersing you in the thinking behind these approaches.

Phase 2: The Immersion Level

Creating the Future's Immersion Course for Consultants is the only course of its kind - transforming the heart of your consulting practice to aim everything you do at dramatically improving the outcomes your clients achieve in their communities. In every way, Phase 2 is about stepping into your potential as a catalyst for community change.

The Immersion Course is 5 days of hands-on learning and practice, in an intensive, in-person, Learning Community environment. With a maximum of 10 people per class, you will be encouraged to first reconsider how you think about your work, as you begin to make these approaches your own. That change of focus will then guide the development of new skills, to transform every aspect of the work you are already doing - Governance, Planning, Program Development, Resource Development, etc. - to dramatically improve your clients' Community-Driven outcomes.

The Immersion Level also places significant emphasis on Practice-Building, to help you use your new skills to strengthen your consulting practice itself.

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Phase 3: The Faculty Level

The Faculty Level is under development. Following on the heels of the Immersion Level program, the goal of the Faculty Level is to prepare you to teach on behalf of Creating the Future. The Faculty Level will be practicum-based, with considerable one-on-one mentoring, to help those who have evidenced success in using these approaches with clients to move farther along the continuum of learning.

As a consultant, your highest potential is to aim your clients at their highest potential for creating dramatic, visionary improvement in their communities. We look forward to helping you at every step in that journey.

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