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Updated December 12, 2008

Community-Driven Consulting  
Introductory Level Syllabus

Self-Paced Education Program



Program Content


The Introductory Level for Community-Driven Consulting establishes the foundation for the rest of the education program through a self-paced introduction to the concepts behind Community-Driven work. The program combines reading, audio classes and Learning Community participation to begin immersing consultants in the thinking behind Community-Driven approaches. The following provides an overview of the Results a consultant can expect from the Introductory Level Program, the Course Content, and the Assignments.


Like everything at the Community-Driven Institute, the Introductory Level Community-Driven Consulting Program is aimed at having participants achieve specific results. Those results include outcomes for the your clients, and outcomes for your consulting practice itself.

Client-related Results:

  • Consultants will be better able to understand client issues and frustrations, by understanding why traditional governance, planning, fundraising and other systems have created neither community improvement nor organizational stability.
  • Consultants will be able to begin aiming client conversations in a more Community-Driven direction, by understanding how different systems can align a client’s work to create more significant community change.
  • Consultants will have a network of colleagues to share information with and learn from, as they begin sharing Community-Driven concepts with their clients.

Practice-Building Results:

  • Consultants will have an initial understanding of how to apply Community-Driven logic to the business side of their consulting practice, to enhance their sales and marketing by aiming at client / community outcomes.

Program Content

The readings and audio classes will provide program participants with introductory knowledge of the following systems:

Overview: Community-Driven Work

  • How organizational systems such as governance, planning, program development and sustainability can simultaneously build strong organizations and strong communities.

Overview: Community-Driven Governance and Planning

  • How boards can govern by holding themselves accountable for the end results their community receives.
  • Defining what matters most
  • Putting what matters into action

Overview: Developing and Sustaining Community-Driven Programs

  • Building programs to be strong and sustainable from the inside out, while simultaneously building community strength and sustainability.

Overview: Building a Community-Driven Consulting Practice

  • By tethering the consultant’s sales & marketing to the client’s impact and outcomes in the community, Community-Driven logic can increase your value, your fees, and the change your consulting work creates in the world.


The assignments below provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of Community-Driven Consulting. The combination of these readings / audio classes, with the opportunities provided by the Learning Community, will prepare consultants for the onsite, intensive Skill-Builder Level course for which these assignments are a pre-requisite.

Whether or not you move on to the Skill-Builder Level, these materials and the Learning Community will provide you with the first steps towards transforming your practice, to aim your consulting work at creating more community benefit for your clients.

Learning Community

In January 2009, the Institute will be launching a Learning Community to provide a supportive environment for consultants who want the work they do with their clients to create more significant change in the world.

The initial format for the Learning Community will be via email discussion forum. If you would like to be notified when the discussion forum is launched, please CLICK HERE.

Reading: Books

Audio Class

Reading: Articles

The following articles can all be found at this website.

Creating the Future


Developing and Sustaining Strong, Engaged Programs

Reading: Libraries

In addition to the specific articles noted above, we recommend you spend some time browsing our online libraries as well. You will find the libraries here:

Reading: Blog

The following sections at Hildy’s Blog, Creating the Future, all focus on the philosophies and practical approaches at the heart of this program. We recommend not only reading the posts in the following sections, but subscribing to the blog, to receive ongoing notification of new posts.

Reading: Newsletter

Lastly, if you are not already subscribed to our monthly newsletter, please do so. In that newsletter, you will receive updates on articles and other information regarding the Consultant Education Program - including dates for the release of materials that are still pending per this syllabus, and announcements of dates for the intensive, on-site Skill-Builder Level program.

If you are not already subscribed, you can do so here.

Updates to this Syllabus

This syllabus will be updated from time to time, as new developments unfold. To be notified of updates, please click here:


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