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2nd Edition
Revised & Expanded

Community Engagement

Action Kit!

Take a Peek Inside:

The Introduction

The Table of Contents

This 115pg Workbook includes:

Introduction to Community Engagement
Step-by-Step Planning Guide
14 page Start-to-Finish Case Study example
TONS of reprintable forms and charts
Magic Matrix for FriendRaising / Community Engagement
Special Step-by-Step Guide to Implementation Planning
Thought-starters for Engaging your Board; Monitoring the Plan; Building Sustainability and More!
And More!

All for Only $29.95

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Action Kit
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both for only $49.90


Double Your Money Back Guarantee!
Use the approaches in this kit and build your plan. If that plan doesn't net your organization double the price of this kit, we will double your money back, no questions asked.

Community Engagement is habit forming. Once you start, you will not want to stop!

How Can We
Make the biggest difference in our Community
Find Amazing Volunteers
Find Dedicated Board Members
Build Diversity
Develop Great Programs
Raise Money
All at the Same Time?

Community Engagement Can Do All That and More!

Imagine what your community would be like if your organization’s work was rooted in your community’s wisdom and ideas, and sustained by the community’s passion!


How to know if Community Engagement is for you

Regardless of your organization’s work, the very act of engagement will make your programs more effective and your community a better place to live, all at the same time!

What You’ll Get:

Introduction to Community Engagement (and how Community Engagement can address all your organization's goals and dreams)

Step-by-Step outline for creating your Community Engagement Plan, on your own, without hiring a consultant

7 Ways to
Use This Workbook


Use Community Engagement to ENERGIZE your BOARD!


Use Community Engagement to make your DEVELOPMENT PLAN SOAR!


Use Community Engagement to FIND and KEEP amazing VOLUNTEERS!


Use Community Engagement to have your WHOLE COMMUNITY EMBRACE YOUR MISSION!


Use Community Engagement as the SOLUTION to BURN-OUT (Hint: It works for board AND staff!)


Use Community Engagement to build DIVERSITY in staff, board & volunteers!


Use Community Engagement to make your PROGRAMS more EFFECTIVE

Tons of re-printable worksheets for setting goals, identifying who to engage, brainstorming strategies

Prioritizing tools - yes, the Magic Matrix is BACK, reworked for all your FriendRaising goals!

Thought-starters to make your efforts more effective - and less of a struggle!

A complete Step-by-Step Guide to Implementation Planning (it even has photos, to make it easy to follow!)

Instructions on monitoring and follow-up, to make sure the plan is working!

How to use Community Engagement to Build Sustainability

The Role of Your Board in Community Engagement - with actions they will feel comfortable doing!

Finally, a practical, no-nonsense approach that will make your programs AND your community stronger - all at the same time!


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 "I have been an organizational consultant for 20 years, but the concepts behind Community Engagement were a complete paradigm shift for me. Community Engagement can help make every facet of our work more effective."

Nora Lester Murad
Chair , Dalia Community Foundation for Palestinians


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