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Building Community-Driventm Organizations
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To learn what your board is accountable for, who it is accountable to, and how to “do” accountability,CLICK
If you’re not familiar with a consent agenda, CLICK HERE for a tool that will make your board meetings dramatically more effective
Take our quiz and find out how effective your board is!CLICK
Has your organization defined the core values that guide its work? CLICK here for a sample credo
Speaking of values, have you seen the core values and philosophies that guide Help 4 NonProfits & Tribes’s work?)CLICK
Sustainability and Capacity are about more than just money.
CLICK here to learn a different approach to organizational capacity.
CLICK here to learn a different approach to sustainability.
What can the arts teach us about the non-art work we each do? Plenty! For Wisdom from Unexpected Places,CLICK
At Our Kitchen Table, we’ve turned life into art, and then back again. If you haven’t visited Our Kitchen Table in a while, we hope you enjoy your time there!CLICK
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Coming in Spring 2005:
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 Programs & Products 
Learn to simultaneously plan for short term capacity and long term sustainability at our facilitated workshops. CLICK to bring a workshop to your community!
Turn Public Speaking into for Your Organization! CLICK
These books will inspire you to create a visionary future for your community.CLICK
Looking for great books on boards and governance?CLICK
Photo Artcards are among the most personal ways to continue that one-on-one contactCLICK

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