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Building Community-Driventm Organizations
10 “STOP” Signs on the Road to Board Recruitment
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Take our Board Effectiveness Quiz and see how your board measures up! CLICK
What is your board accountable for? Who is the board accountable to? And how do you "do" accountability anyway?CLICK
How can your organization make sure it has the capacity to do the job? CLICK
For a brief overview of the board recruitment process, CLICK
Having problems with Micromanagement?CLICK
Having trouble getting your board to fundraise?CLICK
Should your board members have to donate money in addition to their time? CLICK
Looking for help with board questions, but not sure where to turn? Check the archives of Charity Channel's "Boards" discussion group. Chances are they've discussed that very question! CLICK
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 Programs & Products 
Recruit a great board with our step-by-step guideCLICK
Discover how your board can turn Public Speaking into Gold for your organizationCLICK
Bring us to your community, for educational programs on turning boards into a force for community and organizational improvement.CLICK
Take the guesswork out of choosing the best fundraising activities for your organization.CLICK
Accountability Poster Child? Find out what the Red Cross REALLY did wrong post-9/11. And find out what your organization may be doing wrong, too!CLICK

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