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The 3 Most Effective NonProfit Marketing Tools
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 Articles & Links 
Do you wish your organization were more self-sustaining? CLICK here to learn how! CLICK
"Your NonProfit Is Not a Business - So Why Do Your Marketing Like One?" CLICK
The difference between marketing a nonprofit and a business could make the difference between success and mediocrity!
“The Media is Going to Do a Story on Us! (What Do We Do Now?)” CLICK
Fear of Public Speaking? Maybe this will helpCLICK
A special tip for One on One relationship building:CLICK
Looking for help with marketing and public relations, but not sure where to turn? Check the archives of Charity Channel’s “Charity PR” discussion group. Chances are they’ve discussed the very question you have! CLICK
Buy Gitomer Website:CLICK
Jeffrey Gitomer is the best teacher of sales strategy and approach there is. Yes, his stuff has a for-profit orientation, but if you are doing fundraising, subscribe to his weekly e-zine and you will learn a TON of things you can apply to your own work.
Guerilla Marketing:CLICK
Jay Conrad Levinson coined the phrase and it is appropriate. Another site designed for for-profit businesses, but a lot of the tips will apply.
Want to learn more about nonprofit marketing? Join Charity Channel's internet discussion groups! Ask questions of your nonprofit colleagues from all around the world; use your own skills and experience to help others; or just sit and absorb the stream of informative educational discussion that will hit your email-box every day! But don't take our word for it - check out Charity Channel's archives, and see what amazing education you're missing!CLICK
Sign up for the Help 4 NonProfits e-newsletter. Chock full of all kinds of wisdom, updates, tips and tidbits - it comes out bimonthly (or quarterly, depending on how busy we are!). And let us know if you'd like to sign up your whole board! CLICK

 Programs & Products 
Turn Public Speaking into for Your Organization! CLICK
Learn to simultaneously plan for short term survival and long term sustainability.CLICK
Looking for great books on speaking and writing?CLICK
Looking for great books on marketing in general? CLICK
Rev up your organization’s marketing efforts - bring the Help 4 NonProfits team to your community!CLICK
Photo Artcards are among the most personal ways to continue that one-on-one contactCLICK

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