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April 2011

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What could you accomplish if the whole community was engaged with your work? What could you accomplish if your board was learning all the time? What could you accomplish if you asked questions to test your assumptions before moving forward? This month's newsletter is all about accomplishing more - because your community is depending on you!

Community Engagement!

New Article:
Community Engagement Planning in 3 Steps

Community Engagement builds deep relationships that simultaneously benefit your programs and your community - 100% win win!

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Our New Website!

Creating the Future’s website is up and running!

Boards: A whole site for you!

ED’s: A whole site for you!

Social Entrepreneurs: A whole site for you!

Funders: A whole site for you!

Consultants: A whole site for you!

Nonprofit Resource Centers: A whole site for you!

This is just Phase 1 of our web overhaul. Stay tuned for Phase 2 - updating articles & much more!

Featured Blog*: Boards as Learning Communities

How can boards create a culture of ongoing learning? That question is at the heart of Debra Beck's blog, Laramie Board Learning Project.

Some of our favorite posts:

Curious Boards: The First Recruitment Step Read it here

Finding Time for Board Learning Read it here

* This new column will highlight blogs by some of the smartest thinkers in the social change arena - Creating the Future’s immersion course graduates.

Asking Questions that Create Change

In this month’s Making Change interview, Jonathan Spack of Third Sector New England shares his observations about the need for organizations to always be testing the assumptions upon which they are basing their decisions.

How many of his questions is your organization asking?

Don't miss this interview!

Streaming online

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Change-maker Classes

How can 1 week transform you into a powerful agent for social good? Join our classes & find out!

Executive Director / Social Entrepreneur Immersion Course Creating the Future is launching immersion courses for ED’s and Soc Ents. Don’t miss this!

Pay It Forward: Scholarships
Join the crowd building our Scholarship Fund and send a Change-maker to school!

Consultants: Only 2 Weeks Left to Save $350 Register for our September Consultant Course by April 29th & save. Only 3 slots left! Register now

Cool Distraction

Three minutes of calm and beauty. A mountain, a galaxy - and a great story.

Watch the video, and read the story of how Terje Sorgjerd made it. (And for added impact, watch it full screen!)
Watch it now


Thank you, as always, for the work you do to make your communities better places to live. We wish for you all the possibilities life holds.

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