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Dec 2006

Part Two

Welcome to Episode 2 of our Holiday Newsletter! As you may recall from Episode 1, our hero had too much to share to fit into one newsletter, and so we decided to serialize this adventure! We know you will find great stuff in this week's "chapter," and then next week - the final installment!

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Holiday Newsletter Part 1: A peek into last week's episode!
New Recorded Class: More Lessons in Community Engagement
Use It Today:Practical Community-Driven Tips You Can Use Right Now!
Cool Community-Driven Brain Teaser: A Culture of Possibility
Action Kit Upgrade: Version 1.2 of our Community Engagement Action Kit
Crossing Paths: Free Workshop in Sacramento
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Next Week's Installment: Gifts from us to you!

Please read and enjoy, and pass these items along. We know it will help you improve the quality of life in your community. And isn't that why we all do the work we do?

Holiday Newsletter Part 1
In Part 1 of our Holiday Newsletter, we presented a new article on Community Engagement, and we introduced our new Community Engagement Action Kit. We even met a see-through butterfly! If you missed Part 1 of our Holiday Trilogy,
See it Here

New Recorded Class:
More Lessons in Community Engagement: Deepening Your Thinking, Sharpening Your Skills
Want to go deeper into the both the HOW and the WHY of Community Engagement? Develop your thinking and your skills with this Skill-Builder Level audio class.
Learn more

Use it Today:
Practical Community-Driven Tips You Can Use Right Now!
Are you using your organization's Budget as a tool for engaging your community? Learn a convincing way to share your story.
Learn more

Community-Driven Brain Teaser  
The biggest difference between organizations who succeed wildly, and those that work their tails off yet merely survive, is a culture of possibility - a culture that always looks for ways to say, "Yes."

So here is this month's Brain Teaser:
What would happen if your organization needed Permission to Say "No"?

Learn more

Community Engagement Action Kit - Upgrade 
Our first upgrade is available for the Community Engagement Action Kit! In producing our recorded Community Engagement class (see above), we realized there was something missing from the Action Kit. So we have added 17 new pages to the Action Kit, including a start-to-finish example for using Community Engagement to increase program diversity.

Remember - All Upgrades are FREE to Purchasers of the Community Engagement Action Kit!
If you already own the Kit, check your email - those upgrades have been sent. If you have not received that upgrade, please let us know.

For information about the Community Engagement Action Kit,
Click Here

Crossing Paths - Free Workshop
On January 26th, we will be doing a FREE workshop on Community Engagement for the Nonprofit Resource Center in Sacramento, California! Will we see you there?

Community Engagement - January 26th
Time: 10:30 - 11:30
Cost: Free!
Location: in Sacramento to be announced

Contact us (or contact the Sacramento Nonprofit Resource Center for final location)
Contact Us

Fresno? Redding? The Bay Area? Reno?
If you live within a few hours of Sacramento and you would like to bring our Free Community Engagement Workshop to YOUR community, let us know
Contact Us

And if your own plans bring you to Tucson, we hope you will let us know that, too!

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Next Week's Installment

Next week will be the last of our 3-part Holiday Newsletter. And next week's installment is all presents - articles you have loved, links to places we have loved, and yes another "Cool Distraction." We will even make some recommendations for last minute gifts! After next week, we will go back to our regular schedule (and we confess that our regular schedule is more like that of our local food bank, who finally gave up and called their newsletter The More Than Occasional Newsletter!).

Thank you, as always, for the work you do to make your communities better places to live. We wish for you all the possibilities life holds.

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