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Dec 2006

Part 3

Welcome to the final part of our Holiday Newsletter Trilogy! As promised, this last newsletter is just a grab bag of gifts for you. We hope you enjoy what we've chosen, and we look forward to working with you in 2007 to make our world an amazing place to live. (And yes, not to fret, this deluge of newsletters is officially done. We will be going back to our less-frequent format after the 1st of the Year.)

Newsletter Index Links
Holiday Newsletter Parts 1 & 2:
Our Year-End Greeting
Favorite Articles: Oldies, but Goodies
Our Favorite Places: Great Places We Have Found in Our Travels This Year
Cool Distraction: A Holiday Treat

Holiday Newsletter Parts 1&2
If you missed the first 2 parts of our Holiday Newsletter, here are links to those 2 chapters in this 3-part holiday story. The focus of those first 2 newsletters was Community Engagement, with everything from free stuff to our latest class. And of course, the see-through butterfly that was an instant hit!
For Part 1 of our Holiday Trilogy,
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For Part 2 of our Holiday Trilogy,
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Our Year-End Greeting
As we re-cap 2006 and plan for 2007, please join us on the journey.
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Favorite Articles

The Sound a "Thank You" Makes
This is an old favorite, about the joys of saying, "Thank You." The article has a new epilogue, though, from LA Consultant Tony Silbert - something amazing that happened when his organization stopped to say, "Thank you."
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Why I Do What I Do, by Sheelin Prinzinger
Sheelin's story eloquently shares the reason we all work in this sector. We feel blessed to be able to share it with you.
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The Last Week of Our Lives
When the holidays make us crazy, this ancient meditation is always our best reminder of what is most important. And it always makes us smile!
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Our Favorite Places 
We worked in 15 states this year, and we spent enough time in many of those places to grow fond of stores and restaurants - and tourist attractions! So our gift to you includes links to our favorite places in those locales. If you live in (or happen to be visiting) these communities, we hope you will share your business with these folks, because they all made our stays in these places that much more enjoyable!

Abilene, TX

Phoenix, AZ

San Diego, CA

Grand Rapids, MI

Pittsburgh, PA

Lincoln, NE

Portsmouth, NH

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Cool Distractions 
If you haven't seen it yet, you will be amazed by Carson Williams' musical display of 16,000 Christmas lights. To protect his neighbors from the sound, music was piped through a low-power FM frequency for passersby to tune in on their car radio. Miller Lite used a 30 second clip of Williams' lights for one of their ads last year, but here it is in its 4 minute entirety. Enjoy!
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We look forward to sharing an amazing 2007 with you as we all work together to make our communities and our world better places to live. In 2007 and always, we wish for you all the possibilities life holds.

Hildy & Dimitri

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