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January 2005
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Happy New Year!
This is an abbreviated newsletter, as we have some announcements we wanted to share. Our next newsletter will be the standard jam-packed version you are used to!

  1. February Workshop in San Diego: Building and Sustaining Programs in Tough Economic Times (Learn our new model and escape the snow!)
  2. The Response to Our New Workbook: Building Support Through Public Speaking: Tips, Tools and Secrets Any Nonprofit Leader Can Master
  3. Changes at the Help 4 NonProfits & Tribes Website

San Diego in February!
Building and Sustaining Programs in Tough Economic Times
If you’ve wanted to attend our 1-day intensive workshop on building sustainability into your programs, this could be the chance you’ve been waiting for!

We will be presenting our workshop in San Diego on Wednesday, February 16th - just before the President’s Day Weekend (for those who are considering escaping the snow and ice for a few days!).

Here’s just one response to the last session we did:

This session helped us look beyond the traditional ways we manage our agencies, minimizing our dependency on short term funding sources. It made me see a more intelligent way of administering my agency. Thank you for the insight! Jim Bostic, Executive Director, Nepperhan Community Center, Yonkers, NY

We guarantee the session - guarantee you will learn, change your thinking, come away rejuvenated - and that you will understand how simple it can be to change your approach to sustainability.

So come learn 5 steps that will help build sustainability into all your organization’s programs - and then relax in the sun when you’re done!

For more information about our Community-Driven Sustainability Model,


Our New Workbook Gets a GREAT Initial Response!
Building Support Through Public Speaking: Tips, Tools and Secrets Any Nonprofit Leader Can Master

The response to our new workbook, after less than a month on the market, as been overwhelming. First, a glowing review from Charity Channel’s Founder and CEO, Stephen C. Nill. Here’s just an excerpt:

“...The book is not actually about public speaking. It is about how to utilize public speaking to build support for your organization. The book is for leaders -- even for leaders who are adept public speakers -- who want to use public speaking opportunities to strengthen their support-raising effectiveness.

To my knowledge, this is the first book written about public speaking in the context of raising support for nonprofit/NGO organizations. In its own in-the-trenches, pragmatic way, it's ground-breaking. I like that.

Not surprisingly, Gottlieb views public speaking as a marketing tool. She shows how speaking should be approached -- even getting into how to ask for money without asking for money. As a former vice president for fund development at a nonprofit hospital chain, I had to laugh at her sneakiness on that one -- there is something of the rogue in any good fund development professional...”

Then this, from Kylie Hutchinson, a consultant in Vancouver, British Columbia:

I've just been checking out your great new book - congratulations! I wanted to tell you I will be promoting it through my workshops.

Research shows that having a high profile in the community is one of the contributing factors to program sustainability, and I'm always telling participants to nurture their program champions and past participants as public speakers to achieve this.

With the New Year upon us, resolve to use one of the most effective (and virtually free) marketing tools - public speaking - as your organization’s new approach to gaining community support. With our new workbook in hand, your organization can’t help but benefit wildly!


Upcoming Changes at the Help 4 NonProfits & Tribes Website
When we first started our website back in 1997, we had one simple goal: Post in a public place an article Hildy had written on fundraising for small nonprofits, so we could refer people to it.

Later, we added another article, then another, until we had a whole library. At the time, Hildy was a columnist for Indian Country Today, so we created another whole library for tribes, using her columns.

Then we added a workbook here, a product there - and, well here we are, 7 years later and the website is still based on that same premise - a place for us to post stuff!

Well, that is about to change - we are working on a complete re-do of the site. Finally, after all this time of just “adding another article,” we are creating the site around what has become the central theme of our work - the Community-Driven model we’ve created for helping organizations provide substantially more impact in their communities.

We are hoping to have the new website up in the next month or so. (We are also hoping to finish our next workbook in the next month or so, so one or the other may take a bit longer!)

For those who love our website just as it is, don’t worry - all those great resources will still be there, and then some.

But for those who feel as we do - that the community benefit sector is the key to changing our communities and our world - we think you will love the new site even more.

So stay tuned!

Thank you, as always, for the work you do to make your communities better places to live. We wish for you all the possibilities life holds.

Hildy and Dimitri
Help 4 NonProfits & Tribes
4433 E. Broadway Blvd. Ste 202
Tucson, Arizona 85711

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