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Making Visionary Community Change Practical  
Creating the Future


July 2010


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Welcome to our first newsletter with our new name - Creating the Future! Over the next few months we will be changing a lot around here, as we file for tax exemption and moving forward as a Community Benefit Organization dedicated to helping this sector reach its potential.

Here’s what we have to share with you this month, to help you create an amazing future for your community.

Creating the Future
Our New Name!

Our name change has significance beyond simply “rebranding.” All the decisions that led to the name were made by engaging discussion publicly and transparently.

How can your organization’s decisions be more transparent and engaged? Fascinating stuff - read it now!

Book Sale to Benefit Creating the Future

Making room for this new organization means clearing out our old stuff!

• Buy every single thing Hildy has written - and save 50%! !

½ Price on All Our Stuff Here!

• We’re also closing our bookstore of other authors. Jim Collins, Andy Robinson, Mal Warwick & more.

50% off all these books!

All proceeds benefit
Creating the Future!

New Video! Building & Sustaining Engaged Programs

What will sustain your programs in this new economy?

A video from the workshop Hildy taught in Phoenix just last week. Watch it and Thrive!

This 3-part article moves beyond the video. Read it and Thrive!

What We Have vs.
What We Lack

This month Hildy interviewed Brett McNaught, VP of International Relations for buildOn.

Brett shared how buildOn builds schools and communities by identifying what people have vs. what they lack. You will love this interview!

Listen online

Download from iTunes

Consultants’ Corner

Tips for consultants.

Classes for consultants.

Twitter chats for consultants.

If you are a consultant working with community benefit organizations, there is something in this mini-newsletter for you.

Curl up in the Consultants’ Corner

Cool Distraction

Our office still has an IBM Selectric typewriter. Hildy still uses it now and then.

One day, 25 year old Nick walked in, and seeing Hildy typing, said, “So that’s what that noise is!”

This month’s cool distraction is therefore dedicated both to those who could never imagine not knowing what that sound is, AND to those who grew up in a newer age. Enjoy!

The mission of Creating the Future is to help Community Benefit Organizations reach their potential to make a difference in the communities they serve. That means providing tools and approaches and programs to help your organization reach its own potential.

Hildy & Dimitri

If our work has helped your own work, will you show your gratitude with a donation? We appreciate your support as we create the future together. Donate here.

Thank you, as always, for the work you do to make your communities better places to live. We wish for you all the possibilities life holds.

Creating the Future
4433 E. Broadway Blvd.
Ste 202

Tucson, Arizona 85711

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