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Hildy's 100th Post Party!

Something incredible happened to us back in April. We were on the road and swamped with work. So Hildy stopped blogging for a few weeks.

And here's what happened:

People wrote to say how much they missed the blog. "Is Hildy ok? When will she be back soon?"

Imagine that! To say Hildy was flattered and shocked would be an understatement.

Well, we celebrated Hildy's 100th blog post this week. And fittingly, it was a Monday Morning Rock Out - her favorite part of blogging! CLICK for this week's special Rock Out

So let's party! The party will include music and gifts and an invitation to come back and play again!

Party Music

The music is care of the blog's own Monday Morning Rock Out. Here are a few of our favorites to get your toes tapping and to make you smile:

"See the World"
Weapon of Choice
My Generation
Or pick and choose your own from the 22 Rock Outs currently at the Blog!

Party Gift

The gift is something you can share with boards, with funders - with anyone who insists we all focus our efforts on fiscal accountability.

It is the white paper condensing Hildy's series of blog posts on the "myth" of donor rights.

We accomplish what we hold ourselves accountable for. If we hold ourselves primarily accountable for improving the quality of life in our communities, then along the way we will absolutely be accountable to donors and funders - and everyone else. Download the white paper here.

Party Invitation

Lastly, if you are not already subscribed to the blog (separate from your subscription to the Help 4 NonProfits Newsletter), now is the time to sign up.

Why now?

Because you will immediately be notified when new items are posted (generally twice a week - and those posts are always meaty!).

Also because Hildy has been posting so much good stuff, it no longer fits in the "Best of the Blog" link at our newsletter.

The Collaboration Prize as Oxymoron
Martian Community Engagement
Accountability to Donors vs. Accountability to the Community (the posts that led to the white paper)

All that was just this month!

And at the risk of sounding like the Ginsu Knife commercials,
"But wait - there's more!"

We will be publishing the early chapters of "The Pollyanna Principles" at the blog as soon as the book is done!

You can sign up by email here.

Or you can sign up by RSS here.

You can always unsubscribe. But given how our readers reacted when Hildy stopped posting for just a few weeks, we are pretty sure you will not want to!

Thanks for celebrating our 100th post with us. We look forward to seeing what the next 100 bring!!!

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