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Summer 2008

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What's Happening at the Community-Driven Institute

The Community-Driven Institute is taking off like gangbusters. That adventure has been a fairy tale - except there are no bad guys, and things just keep aiming at the happy ending!

Three big things will be happening in the next several months, that we wanted to share with you all.

 The Pollyanna Principles 

This fall, we will be releasing Hildy's long-awaited book, "The Pollyanna Principles: Why Nonprofits Have Not Changed the World and How They Can."

And while the title is pretty self-explanatory, the response from peer-review readers has been incredible. Our intent is that this book refocus the sector on what is possible - creating the future of our communities.

So that is tremendously exciting! (And if you would like to help make the book a reality by volunteering to proofread, please click here!)

 Consultants Education Program 

We had an incredible experience early this month, when seven brilliant consultants from across the U.S. and Canada spent four days in the summer heat of the Arizona desert to help us craft the Consultants Curriculum!

We are now working to prepare the pieces of that curriculum. Our goal is to teach consultants how to use every aspect of the Community-Driven systems in their own practice.

 Community-Driven Governance
 Vision-Based Community Impact Planning
 Building and Sustaining Strong, Resilient, Community-Driven Programs

And then practice-building to build a consulting practice around all that "content" work.

You can see more about this effort here

Anymore, that old song just keeps running through our heads - "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades." And the line we keep hearing is this one: "Things are going great, and they're only getting better!"

(To be notified when the "Community-Driven Consulting" Education Program is up and running, click here)

 Convening and Facilitating 

We are doing more and more community convening and facilitating these days, and that work is so rewarding! We will be heading to Reno, Nevada next month, to facilitate a community-wide summit to address the question, "What will it take to create a community where families are financially sustainable?"

Whether we are convening learning communities, community engagement efforts, or Community Impact Planning, the results are so rewarding - we are glad this is becoming a larger and larger part of the work here at the Institute!

That's it for now. We promise to keep you posted about the results of these efforts in future newsletters.

So stay tuned! We are excited to have you along on this wild ride, as we work to create the future of the sector that will create the future of our communities!

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