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June 2011

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Whether you’re looking for tools and tips, brain-expanding conversation, or just a chuckle - this month’s newsletter has something for everyone!

New Article:
Conflict of Interest

Is this a Conflict of Interest?
Weigh in on this real life Conflict of Interest case study. What do you think?

New Book:
Community Engagement

Community Engagement builds community strength while building program strength - a total win win!

Whether you’re new to the subject or an old pro, our expanded & revised Community Engagement Action Kit will build engagement into all your work. Get started now!

Is Community Engagement for You? Take the Quiz!

New Video:

Moving Beyond Fear
Is Collaboration really the antidote to fear and frustration? Watch now

New Interview:
Peter Block

In this month’s edition of Making Change, author and community-builder Peter Block urges us to focus on what is possible for our communities.

Listen online here.

Download from iTunes

New Thinking:
Blurring Dividing Lines

How can corporations and social enterprises and traditional “nonprofits” tear down the walls and work together? The answer may be to stop trying to tear down the walls... Consider this

Cool Distraction

We are all so busy in our day-to-day that we often forget to celebrate all we DO accomplish.

If that’s you, let this little guy remind you of what celebration really looks like. Celebrate!


Thank you, as always, for the work you do to make your communities better places to live. We wish for you all the possibilities life holds.

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