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Making Visionary Community Change Practical  
Community-Driven Institute



March 2009

Create the Future!

March 2009

Dear Friends:
This month’s newsletter isn’t fancy, because there is just too much going on to make it fancy.

The Community-Driven Institute is launching a major effort this week.
Our goal is to aim this whole sector at the kinds of visionary change we all wish to see from the work we do.

Consultants. Funders. Executive Directors. Social Entrepreneurs. Board Members. Fundraising Experts. We all chose our careers because we wanted to make a difference in the world.

Would you like to know how your work can make even more of a difference right now?

Here is what you will find in this newsletter:

For Everyone
The Pollyanna Principles: Reinventing “Nonprofit Organizations” to Create the Future of Our World

  • Can the work your board does at the board table change your whole community?
  • Can the way your organization does its strategic plan make your whole community a better place to live?
  • Can your organization’s fundraising strategies - not the money you raise, but the fundraising work itself - make your community stronger?
  • Can each of us make far more difference than we ever thought possible, even in these tough times?

And would you like to know how?

Read the first 33 pages CLICK
Watch this video & learn how to put the principles into practice right now CLICK

For Consultants
Introduction to Community-Driven Consulting
You consult to Community Organizations because you want to make a difference. How much difference is your consulting practice really making? And how can you make more of a difference, right now? 90 minute teleclass (it’s free!). CLICK

For Executive Directors, Board Members, Social Entrepreneurs
Building and Sustaining Strong, Engaged Programs (Part 2)
Part 1 of this article showed that the old way of raising money didn’t create a sector-full of sustainable organizations even in good times! Part 2 dives shows practical Community-Driven steps to simultaneously building organizational strength and community strength - regardless of the economy! CLICK

For Funders
New Voices of Philanthropy
Who will take over the foundation world when the baby boomers retire? The New Voices of Philanthropy blog addresses that issue by creating a space where both new and experienced foundation leaders can share ideas.

What does the Community-Driven movement mean for that changing face of philanthropy? Read their interview here CLICK

For Everyone
Events for the rest of this launch week are posted here: CLICK

We hope you will join us for as many of those events as possible!

Cool Distraction
This may be a simpler newsletter, but that doesn’t mean we are willing to give up our Cool Distraction! This month’s distraction is perfect for those of us who want to create a wonderful world. CLICK

Thank you for all you do to make your community an amazing place to live. Next month, we will return to our standard format newsletter. Till then, we hope you will join us in changing the sector that will change the world.

Hildy & Dimitri 

Community-Driven Institute
4433 E. Broadway Blvd. Ste 202
Tucson, Arizona 85711


P.S. Please forward this newsletter to friends and colleagues.
If we are going to make this sector’s work more effective, it will take all of us. Thanks!

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