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Presented by: Hildy Gottleb


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The Heart of Board Accountability and Effectiveness

If your board is accountable for the whole organization, how do you keep track of it all?

With the right tools, it's easy!


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This 85 minute class covers the 5 basic areas of Board Monitoring:

1. Monitoring to be sure the Big Things don't fall through the cracks

including the things most likely to land your board in court

2. Monitoring at Board Meetings

and the role of the Secretary

3. Monitoring individual Board Member performance
4. Monitoring and the Board's committees

including Executive Director Evaluation Committee
and Fund Development Committee

5. Monitoring the Board's overall focus

Are you spending your time on the right things?

Monitoring: The Heart of Board Accountability and Effectiveness


Here are just some of the tools this class will provide:

Tools to Monitor Success
Mission success: How to monitor the impact of your mission in the community?
Program success: How to monitor program effectiveness?
Fundraising success: How to monitor the effectiveness of each of your fundraising efforts?

Tools to Evaluate the Executive Director
  Learn 5 Monitoring tools for Evaluating the Executive Director
What questions to ask?
What data to review?

Tools for the Board Secretary
Does your Board Secretary know he/she is your Board's Chief Monitor?
Does your Board Secretary know how to ensure that
Board decisions don't fall through the cracks?
Agendas include all items the board needs to discuss, without forgetting anything?
Individual board members are performing to the board's standards?

Monitoring: The Heart of Board Accountability and Effectiveness


And let's not forget

Tools to Monitor Committee Effectiveness
Learn what your committees should be doing
(it's probably not what you think!)
Discover how your Executive Committee may be harming your board's ability to remain actively accountable!
Learn how your Finance Committee can help ALL the board to understand the financials
The Development Committee:How to ensure fundraising efforts are effective
Should you have a Program Committee, and what should it do?
Do you have a committee to ensure your board is staying consciously accountable?

Tools to Monitor the Finances so EVERYONE Understands Them!
Does your Finance Committee ensure all board members understand the financials?
Learn how to determine whether or not your board should pass the budget.
Discover how the whole board can use the audit to monitor financial controls - even those who don't think they understand the financials!

Tools to Evaluate Individual Board Members
Learn 3 Simple Steps to keeping track of Board Member Commitments
Does your board set expectations for board members?
What does your board do if board members do not meet those expectations?
Learn how your board can keep track of those commitments - and enforce them!

Tools to Evaluate the Board as a Whole
Learn 1 simple tool to ensure your board is doing what matters most!
(Your won't believe the impact of using this 1 tool!)

Monitoring: The Heart of Board Accountability and Effectiveness


and, in the words of the Ronco slice-and-dice commercials ......

But wait - there's more!

Tools to Make the Board's Life Easier
Learn to monitor without micromanaging
Discover how often you plan without monitoring - and learn the method that ensures you will never do that again!
We have never met a board that isn't guilty of monitoring without planning. Learn how to avoid this pitfall!

Tools to Ensure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks
Does your board build monitoring directly into motions made at board meetings? Learn how!
Discover the best time for the board to review the minutes (and see how your board measures up)
How can you make sure you never again hear this question:
Whatever happened to...
that plan?
those goals?
that committee?
that decision?
Tools to Monitor What Keeps Board Members Up Nights
Are our insurance limits high enough?
Have regulatory filings been made?
Is our personnel manual current, to protect both our employees and the organization?
Are there new regulations to be aware of?

Monitoring: The Heart of Board Accountability and Effectiveness


You will not believe all you will learn in 85 minutes!
These are tools you can use the moment you hear them!

Who this class is for:

Board members
Board Secretaries
Executive Directors
Governance Committee members

Here's what you'll get

  • Access to the recorded streaming audio class (± 85 minutes, broken into 3 parts for ease of listening). CD option also available.
  • 16 pages of printed handout materials
  • Ability to ask questions via email to Hildy

“This recorded class is applicable for 1.5 points in Category 1.B Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Pre-recorded Audio Class


The Heart of Board Accountability and Effectiveness
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