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November 2002
Helping Your Organization Provide Lasting Benefit to Your Community
Hello from Help 4 NonProfits & Tribes!
Between the elections just past, and the holiday season ahead, this seemed to be the right time to talk about marketing. No, we're not talking about how to create the perfect negative campaign ad, nor about how to best market toy upon toy to unsuspecting children. We're talking about marketing at its roots - communicating with those who can help your organization achieve its goals.
So buckle up - we've got lots to share!
1) FEATURED ARTICLE: The 3 Most Effective NonProfit Marketing Tools
2) SON OF FEATURED ARTICLE: An updated re-make of an old favorite
3) FEATURED BOOK: "Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing" by Harry Beckwith
4) UPDATE: Magic Matrix 4 NonProfit Fund Development Decision-Making
5) FEATURED LINK: Three links to improve your marketing skills
6) TIP OF THE MONTH: Fear of Public Speaking
8) SNEAK PREVIEW: A Holiday Surprise!

Featured Article:
The 3 Most Effective NonProfit Marketing Tools

Marketing is nothing more than communicating effectively with folks who can help your organization accomplish its goals. This month’s feature provides 3 down-and-dirty tools that work - guaranteed. They also don’t cost a lot, and don’t take lots of “marketing” skills. Intrigued?

Sign Up Your Board

Every month we get scores of new subscribers for our free enewsletter. Recently, though, we are seeing a different trend - individual organizations are signing up their entire board for our newsletter! Here’s just one note we received:

“I am instructing our Executive Director to sign up our whole new board this year. I am sure we will all benefit from the education.” LF, New York City

Because we know board members frequently don’t receive information that can help them do their job better, we are excited at this new development!

To all who have recently signed up, we hope you learn a lot from us each month. And if you are thinking about signing up your board, let us know - we can make it easy for you!

Son of Featured Article:
Your NonProfit Is Not a Business - So Why Do Your Marketing Like One?

Jump start your NonProfit Marketing Mindset with our reworked and improved guide to seeing “Marketing” through NonProfit eyes.

Featured Links:
Speaking and Writing and Marketing

There are 3 websites and free e-newsletters we’ve been enjoying for a while now - 2 that focus on speaking, and another that focuses on writing. And they all provide great info on marketing as well. All three of these sites are highly recommended.

The Magic Matrix The response to our Magic Matrix for Fund Development has been amazing! One comment really summed it up for us:
“I wish I had had this a month ago. It could have saved us a few thousand dollars and a long argument with our board.”
We are glad it’s useful - and we are hard at work to develop more practical tools to help NonProfit leaders do their job. Watch for them in coming months!

Tip of the Month:
Fear of Public Speaking

In our featured article this month, we talk about public speaking as one of the most effective tools for marketing your organization. But some studies have shown that fear of public speaking ranks up there alongside the fear of death! This month’s tip shows one way to conquer that fear.

Featured Book:
“Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing,” by Harry Beckwith

Face it - one of the problems with “marketing” our NonProfit organizations is that we are selling the invisible - the intangible. Whether we are “selling” a substance abusing teen the possibility of a future without drugs, or “selling” a complacent public on helping our organization, it’s hard to wrap a tidy marketing bow around what NonProfits do.

That’s why we love Harry Beckwith’s book. No, it’s not directly aimed at NonProfits, but much of his wisdom can be easily translated to the services we all provide. Every time we pick up this book, we get lost in it, reading 3 or 4 pages and then frantically scribbling notes that apply to our own organization and to groups we are working with. It’s really a little gem!

Sneak Preview:
We are feverishly working on next month’s feature - a holiday surprise. We know you will enjoy it, so stay tuned!


That’s all for this month. We hope these tools (and the other articles at help your organization improve the quality of life in your community.

Remember - they are counting on you!

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