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September 2005
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It’s September. Usually September brings anticipation of new beginnings - a throwback to our school days, I guess. We had planned to announce all sorts of new things this month, and in the months ahead.

But that seems inappropriate in light of the disaster resulting from hurricane Katrina. We know many of our subscribers are focused solely on surviving, and that others are focused solely on finding those they love. And so, instead of filling our newsletter with all sorts of new stuff, we just wanted to share some thoughts during this tragedy - some thoughts about living this life we've been given, and doing the work the nonprofit sector is so blessed to be able to do.

The rest of the newsletter will follow up on some loose ends we left hanging in our last newsletter. And we'll catch up on all that other meatier stuff in the weeks ahead.

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1) Essay: The Last Week of Our LivesThe Last Week of Our Lives
2) Follow-up: Life List Generator
3) Follow-Up and Special OfferFree CD of Our Recorded Class: Accountability: To What End? Introducing Community-Driven Governance
4) Supporting the Hurricane Victims

Please know that our thoughts are with all who are struggling to find a place to stay; who are waiting to hear from loved ones; who are dealing with the heartache of loss; and who are relieved to have heard your loved ones are safe.

The Last Week of Our Lives
We have all been surrounded this week with the reminder that life is short, and that we never know when, in the snap of a cosmic finger, it will be cut short.

An ancient meditation practice has been my saving grace this week. It is simple, but powerful. It puts life into perspective, and urges us to do what is most important, at work and in our personal lives...
Life List Generator
Last month, we snuck the introduction to our Life List Generator into our new article on Sustainability. Now we are ready to introduce it formally.

The Life List Generator is a simple tool for addressing one of the biggest fallacies ever stated by board members: “I'm not sure how I can help. My friends aren’t rich or powerful!”

Board members don’t realize how many people they DO know - people who could provide tremendous support to our organizations.

With the Life List Generator, your board will quickly see that they know just the right people to build an army of support for your organization.

While you are there, check out the audio clip we have added to that page, talking about the value of nurturing friendships - real friendships - on behalf of our organizations.

( And for those who missed last month’s article on Sustainability, click below for that article.)
Follow-Up and Special Offer - Free CD of Our Recorded Class
Accountability: To What End? Introducing Community-Driven Governance
The response to the recorded version of our teleclass has been terrific, as more and more folks are introduced to the Community-Driven approach to boards and governance.

One thing folks have asked for, though, is a CD in addition to the streaming version, so they can listen in the car. And so, until we can re-work the web-page to include that item, we thought we would create a special offer for those who purchase the class now.

If you purchase the recorded version of the class before September 15th, we will throw in the double-CD of the class at no charge (We will be charging an additional $9.95 for the CD after September 15th.)

So if you want to start your board on the road to governing your organization for maximum impact - not just for your organization, but for your community - sign up before September 15th. And we’ll send you that double-CD set at no additional charge!

And remember, the recorded version of this class is also applicable for continuing education credit for all you CFRE's.
Support for the Hurricane Victims
From the Salvation Army, to the Humane Society, there are many organizations working to assist those affected by the hurricane. We have therefore added a link to our home page, to take you to the site of Network for Good - a site with links to a large number of organizations assisting the victims of Katrina. In that way, you can choose the organization that best reflects your desire to help.

Whether you donate your dollars, your time, or both, we urge you to do what you can to help.
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Thank you, as always, for the work you do to make your communities better places to live. We wish for you all the possibilities life holds.

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