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Building Community-Driventm Organizations

Toolbox 4 Public Speaking
  The Downloadable PDF includes:
Re-printable Matrix
Sample Matrix
Detailed Instructions
  All for Only $8.95
No waiting for the mail to arrive! No shipping charges!
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Download and print out your Magic Matrix 4 Fund Development Decision-Making now!

"The matrix brings a logical process to an illogical one."
Workshop attendee, Toolbox for Successful Program Management Governor's Division of Community Outreach Phoenix, Arizona

"This is a practical tool every fund development officer can use. It takes the emotion out of decision-making, and objectively shows why some ideas are simply better than others. Board leaders will find it useful in leading discussions and making hard decisions."
Jeane Vogel
Fundraising Innovations
Turn Public Speaking into GOLD
for Your Organization!

Public Speaking is one of the most effective ways to build an army of support for your organization.

Have You Wondered?

How to start a public speaking campaign?

How to get speaking opportunities?

What to talk about and how to tell your story?

Phone-a-thons?What to ask for and how to ask?

What to leave with the group as take-away information?

How to capitalize on the speaking engagement after the talk is over?

For Seasoned Speakers and Novices Alike and Even for Those Who are Afraid of Public Speaking!
This Value-Packed ToolBox shows you:

6 easy steps to creating a fool-proof speech of any length.

The secret to asking for money and volunteers without asking - an approach that works like a charm!

Discover the hidden speaking opportunities that are already at your fingertips!!

3 simple steps to getting more speaking opportunities than you ever realized were possible!

How to create an irresistible take-away piece that provides information and a way to get money!

Transform your board into a speaking machine - with jobs they will enjoy even if they hate speaking!

Create lasting impact from a one-time television appearance.

Leverage speaking gigs into action - money, volunteers, long-term supporters,and more!

How stories from your own life can become powerful tools for connecting to your audience - even if you've never experienced the issues your organization addresses!

Learn the secret of the killer closing!

 “Money isn’t scarce. Every year, nonprofit revenues increase by billions of dollars over the last year. Let us show you the potential your organization has to share in that abundance of community support, in tough economic times and any time.”

Hildy Gottlieb President,
Help 4 NonProfits & Tribes

What You’ll Get:
The Magic Matrix 4 Fund Development Decision-Making, ready for your organizations use. Fill in your fundraising ideas, rank them against objective decision-making criteria, and see which ideas really are the most effective.

• The Magic Matrix includes 8 of the most frequently used NonProfit fund development decision-making criteria. (For example, How much money could this idea raise? and How long will this take to bear fruit?). Also includes blank spaces, for you to fill in decision-making criteria that are specific to your organization.

• A sample matrix, filled in with sample fund development ideas, showing the matrix in action.

• Detailed instructions and examples of how the matrix can be used for your own fund development decision-making needs.

How do you tell a board member that their fundraising idea is a REAL STINKER?
How do you decide that the event you’ve been doing for years REALLY ISN’T WORTH IT?
How do you avoid the “Friend-Raising” pitfall when what you really need is MONEY?
How do you show your board that it’s neither COST EFFECTIVE nor SOUND INCOME STRATEGY to “Just write more grants”?
How can you choose strategies that will help BUILD WEALTH instead of keeping you in the FUNDRAISING RAT RACE?

Finally, a simple, practical tool to make your fund development work easier. This product has NO bells, NO whistles, and NO NEED FOR TECH SUPPORT! Just good old step-by-step common sense, condensed into a single easy-to-use decision-making tool.

by Hildy Gottlieb
Copyright ReSolve, Inc. 2004 ©

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Toolbox 4 Public Speaking

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