Thought-provoking subjects to stretch your board’s thinking

  Results   Providing MORE Community Benefit in Tough Times  
  Executive Committee   Role of the Executive Committee  
  Board Effectiveness   Where Did Your Board Members Learn to Govern?  
  Decision-Making   Is your organization a Nonprofit? Or is it a Community Benefit Organization?  
  Budgeting   Where is Your Organization NOT Spending its Money?  
  Board Orientation   What Does Your Board Need to Know?  
  Building Philanthropy   Young People and Philanthropy  
  Director Evaluation   Evaluating Your Executive Director's End Results
  Legal Oversight   High Expectations: Who is the Watchdog for the Community's Results?
  Creating the Future   Are You Ending or Beginning?
Mission & Values   Is there such a thing as Dirty Money?
Organizational Growth   Creating a Culture of Possibility  
Board Effectiveness   Great Board Decisions  
Decision-Making   Paying Your Organization First  

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