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When an entire region is decimated, what happens to that region's nonprofit sector? One of the untold stories along the U.S. Gulf Coast is the story of the rebuilding of the nonprofit sector. We have therefore added these pages to our site, to share not only the human aspect of Katrina's devastation, but the realities of what Katrina has meant for the sector that is the heart and soul of the community.

Julie Condy is a 5th generation New Orleanian, and Executive Director / Founder of Stage-to-Stage, a theater-based arts education program for children. Julie is also a professional opera singer who performs as a member of the New Orleans Opera Association. We are honored that Julie has offered to share her stories of the home she loves

Early October, 2005

February 20th, 2006

March 14th, 2006

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Flash Animated Flooding Map
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Interactive Water Depth Map

Wikimedia - Katrina Aftermath

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