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Create the Future!   
The 3 Most Effective Tools
for Community Engagement
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 Articles & Links 
Do you wish your organization were more self-sustaining? To learn howCLICK
What is the difference between "marketing" and "community engagement?" And which works better for accomplishing your mission?CLICK
“The Media is Going to Do a Story on Us! (What Do We Do Now?)” CLICK
Fear of Public Speaking? Maybe this will helpCLICK
A special tip for One on One relationship building:CLICK
Engage your board in your mission's big pictureCLICK
Step-by-step guide to creating a Community Engagement PlanCLICK
Having trouble building sustainability?CLICK
Looking for help but not sure where to turn? Check the archives at Charity Channel's discussion groups. Chances are they have discussed the very question you have!CLICK
 Programs & Products 
FriendRaising: Community Engagement Strategies for Boards Who Hate Fundraising but Love Making FriendsCLICK
Turn Public Speaking into for Your Organization! CLICK
Ensure you choose the most effective strategiesCLICK
Bring our Sustainability Workshop to your community!CLICK
Looking for great books on speaking and writing?CLICK
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Discover how the activities of funders can create far more community benefit than you ever imagined possible. CLICK

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