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Jun 2007

Here in the desert, thoughts about what really constitutes “summer” vary. For some, it’s just the heat. But for those of us who relish summer in the desert, there are different signs. The first cicada of the season. Lizards doing push-ups to cool their bright blue bellies. Even by those more subtle signs, it is official: Summer is here! And what better way to pass those long bright summer days, than thinking about all the things we can do to create the future of our world?

We have a lot in store for you in this edition:

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Best of the Blog: Belief in What is Possible

Featured Book: The 2nd Edition of Board Recruitment & Orientation

Summer Special: Audio Classes Include Private Phone Consulting with Hildy!
Use It Today: How You Can Afford to Make Your Organization’s Efforts Strong in Every Way
Community-Driven Brain Teaser: Are You Ending or Beginning?
Board Effectiveness Quiz: Is Your Board Creating Your Community’s Future?
Library Changes: Governance vs. Board Mechanics
Summer Reading: Our Staff Shares Their Favorites!
Cool Distractions: Rock Out!
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Please read and enjoy, and pass these items along. We know it will help you improve the quality of life in your community. And isn't that why we all do the work we do?

Best of the Blog:
Stop Signs on the Road to Changing the World
If this is the sector that was supposed to change the world, how come the world has not changed? In the series, Stop Signs on the Road to Changing the World, Hildy explores what is really holding back our work. Warning - those stop signs are probably not what you think! Check out these two:

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Featured Book:
The 2nd Edition of Board Recruitment & Orientation
We are excited to announce the 2nd edition of Board Recruitment & Orientation: A Step-by-Step, Common Sense Guide. This edition has a CD with pdf’s of all the forms, for your ease of using the book more completely. And like all our books, we offer a Whole Board Discount - 50% if you purchase a copy for all your board members! CLICK HERE

Summer Special:
Audio Classes Include Private Phone Consulting with Hildy!
During June and July, purchase any of our audio classes, and add an hour of private phone consultation with Hildy for just $99! There is a limited number of these consultations available (there are only so many hours in a day...), so sign up now!
  • Governance Class: Monitoring: The Heart of Board Accountability and Effectiveness Learn more
  • Community Engagement Class: More Lessons in Community Engagement: Deepening Your Thinking, Sharpening Your Skills Learn more
If you have already purchased any of our audio classes, let us know - we will extend the $99 offer to you as well!CLICK HERE

Use it Today:
How You Can Afford to Make Your Organization’s Efforts Strong in Every Way
How can you afford what it would cost to ensure all your organization’s efforts are healthy - fully capable of creating significant improvement in your community? Is that cost really outside your reach?
Learn more

Community-Driven Brain Teaser:
Are You Ending or Beginning?
As you start aiming your work at creating the future of your community, new ways of seeing often catch you by surprise! So here is this month’s Brain Teaser:

Is your organization aiming at ending something bad, or at creating something incredible?
Learn more

Board Effectiveness Quiz:
Is Your Board Creating Your Community’s Future?

How effective is your board? Find out with our Board Effectiveness Quiz! This is an oldie, but a goodie. CLICK HERE

Library Changes:
Governance vs. Board Mechanics
We think it's about time for boards (and board experts) to distinguish between the heart and soul of “governance” - leading our efforts through planning and decision-making - and the mechanics of boards, the day-to-day management of things like board/staff relations, micromanagement, recruitment, and etc.
Learn more

Summer Reading:
Our Staff Shares Their Favorites!

Summer isn’t just for sequels of sequels in the movie theater. Summer’s long days mean more time for reading! Here are our staff’s favorites - a great list indeed!CLICK HERE

Cool Distractions
Rock Out!
Hildy is having way too much fun on Monday mornings. At her Monday Morning Rock Out, you will find a group of 80 and 90 year olds rocking out to the Who, a muppet with a tune you will not be able to ditch, an incredible juggler with a sense of rhythm (and great taste in Beatles albums), a world traveler and horrible dancer, and an ode to the music of the past century. Oh, and how could I forget a flying Christopher Walken! If you are missing all this on Mondays, then join the Rock Out!!
See them here

(If you want to see the Rock Outs in the order they were posted, start at the bottom of the page and work your way up. Enjoy!)

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"Your work has, and now with your Blog will continue to have, a ripple effect on the community, and I look forward to participating in it with you AND watching it happen!"

Tracey Sisson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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