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Community-Driven Consulting

Phase 2 - Immersion Level

Learning to Be the Change You Want to See in Your Community

Course Content  

The Immersion Level teaches you to apply the Pollyanna Principles to every aspect of the practical processes/systems you are already using with clients. During and after the class, you will learn to re-frame your existing approaches, while receiving hands-on initiation into new systems to consider.

This course is not intended to be a “how to facilitate” class. The systems that will be presented - as listed below - will be reviewed as step-by-step examples of The Pollyanna Principles in action. Discussion will focus not only on how the principles are reflected in these particular systems, but how you can apply those principles to the way you are currently working with your clients.

Students will learn and practice the thought processes that undergird the following systems, with significant time alloted to practicing facilitating each one:

  •  Governing for What Matters
  •  Community Impact / Organizational Wellness Planning
  •  Program Development and Sustainability
  •  Practice-Building: Impact Consulting

For each of those organizational systems, you will learn

  • How to identify and reach for the client’s highest potential for making a difference in their community.
  • How to create the conditions that will allow your client to accomplish that.
  • How to meet the client wherever they are in their thinking, inspiring and encouraging them to move beyond their perceived barriers, to accomplish their potential.
  • How the time spent preparing to meet / talk with / work with the client is almost more important in achieving results than the time we spend doing “the work.”
  • How to ask questions that engage, encourage, inspire and reassure clients.
  • How to listen for the client’s desired outcomes, strengths and values - and what to do with that information once you have it!
  • How to bring out the wisdom in your clients, helping them find answers that are right for them, in a way that builds strength into all their work.
  • How to put the same thinking to work to reach for the highest potential of your consulting practice, your family and friends, your life!

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