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Community-Driven Consulting

Phase 2 - Immersion Level

Learning to Be the Change You Want to See in Your Community

Program Format  

The Immersion Level Program centers around a 5-day intensive on-site program, in Tucson, Arizona. This 5-day timeframe accomplishes numerous objectives simultaneously, providing students with enough time to learn and practice multiple new approaches, while also providing the time to reflect both individually and collectively on the assumptions, expectations and belief systems the consultant will bring to his/her work.

The program core is a Learning Community, to ensure participants gain knowledge from both the Institute staff and from each other. The on-site environment encourages learning / practicing new skills together, discussing, exploring, reflecting and sharing each other’s wisdom. Classes are limited to 10 participants - small enough for intimate learning, while large enough for a diversity of thinking.

The Learning Community continues after the on-site work, through email discussions and/or other online tools, to provide ongoing support for implementing more Community-Driven approaches with clients.

The Immersion Level Program includes:

  • 5 day intensive learning experience, on-site in Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.

  • Class size not to exceed 10 students

  • A “seasoned participant” from a prior class participates in every class. Seasoned participants have already gone through the immersion course and are back to re-immerse themselves, to go deeper in putting the principles into practice. The Seasoned Participant becomes a resource to new students, providing different perspectives on how the thinking can be applied in a variety of ways.

  • Workbook with handouts / worksheets for use with clients

  • Daily practice in facilitating the thought-processes learned in the class.

  • Post-session Conference Calls every month after the session, to answer questions, share experiences, remove stumbling blocks, and keep reaching higher.

  • Email discussion group with the entire community of immersion course grads, for ongoing Learning Community support. Institute staff assists with questions / problems as participants begin applying new approaches to their work with clients

  • Ongoing assistance by Institute staff for clarifying / answering questions that arise as students begin transforming their consulting practice

  • Additional technology tools, such as a wiki or other on-line community, as requested by students and as developed - all to ensure these new ways of thinking become more and more natural to you.

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