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December 2004
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Welcome to the Help 4 NonProfits E-Newsletter!
‘Tis the season for all kinds of incredible things to happen. End-of-year donations. Giving your organization’s own gifts. And more opportunities for media exposure than the whole rest of the year combined!

So this month we thought we would give you a gift, too - a newsletter jam-packed with great stuff to help your organization accomplish more for your community. We’ve even written a new workbook just for the occasion!

  1. New Workbook: Building Support Through Public Speaking: Tips, Tools and Secrets Any Nonprofit Leader Can Master
  2. Public Seminar Dates: Building and Sustaining Programs in Tough Economic Times
  3. New Article: Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking
  4. Updated Article: 11 Simple Steps for Being Interviewed on TV
  5. An Old Favorite Article: The Sound a Thank You Makes
  6. Great Holiday Gifts for your Board Chair, your Favorite Patron - anyone special!
  7. Update: Phone Hacking (yes, still!)
  8. Sharing this Newsletter
  9. Sneak Preview for the next Help 4 NonProfits e-newsletter: New Seminars? A new book or 2? A New Year!

Please read and enjoy, and pass these new items along! We know it will help you improve the quality of life in your community. And isn’t that really why we all do the work we do?


A New Workbook!
Building Support Through Public Speaking: Tips, Tools and Secrets Any Nonprofit Leader Can Master
Even the most novice of novice speakers can turn public speaking into pure gold for your organization. This workbook is a veritable grab bag of tips and tools to help you and your organization in ways you never thought possible!

  • How to use the foolproof 3 Minute Pitch to turn holiday party banter into engaged support (a must during this holiday season!)
  • The secret to asking for money and volunteers without asking - an approach that works like a charm!
  • Tips on creating lasting impact from a one-time television appearance.
  • 3 simple steps to getting more speaking opportunities than you ever realized were possible!
  • How to create an irresistible take-away piece that provides information and a way to get money!
  • How to transform your board into a speaking machine - with jobs they will enjoy even if they hate speaking!
  • How stories from your own life can become powerful tools for connecting to your audience - even if you’ve never experienced the issues your organization addresses!

With the holiday season (i.e. the Speaking Season) upon us, let this jam-packed workbook start helping your organization right now!

Seminar Dates -
Building and Sustaining Programs in Tough Economic Times
Learn the 5 steps to making your organization more sustainable at our full-day intensive session in Tucson on January 19th.

We guarantee the session - guarantee you will learn, change your thinking, come away rejuvenated - and that you will understand how simple it can be to change your approach to sustainability.

Here’s just one response to the last session we did:

This was a day well spent, packed with critically important information for nonprofits in the 21st Century. I know this workshop will make a great difference for AAFB and for our mission.

Ginny Hildebrand, Executive Director,
Association of Arizona Food Banks

Tucson’s weather in January can’t be beat. So come join us in the sunshine, and learn 5 steps that will help you build sustainability into all your organization’s programs!

For more information about our Community-Driven Sustainability Model,

3 Articles!
New: Fear of Public Speaking
A first-hand account of how Hildy conquered a morbid fear of public speaking, to become one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in the nonprofit arena!

Updated: 11 Simple Steps for Being Interviewed on TV
Be prepared for that “Season of Giving” television interview with these 11 simple steps - including how to leverage your interview into support.

An Old Favorite: The Sound a Thank You Makes
This article receives so many “thank you’s” from readers - not bad for an article about saying “thank you”! Give yourself and your board a treat: read this article, and then make those thank you calls!

Great Gifts
Photo ArtCards

If you haven’t browsed through the Photo ArtCard sets At Our Kitchen Table, you have missed a treat. See why one long-time customer tells us, "Your photographs capture a wonderful look at life and the world.

Board Recruitment & Orientation: All Board Special
Order a copy of our Board Recruitment and Orientation for each member of your board! This multi-purpose gift shows you care, while helping to make them better board members. And you can’t beat the price - $8.99 apiece if you order through our All Board Special.

Phone Hacking Update
Many of our readers may recall that over the July 4th weekend, our phone system was hacked, with the perpetrators racking up thousands of dollars of calls to regions primarily in the middle east. Because so many of you have asked the status of that incident, we thought we’d give you an update.

(And for those who weren’t aware of the incident, you can read about it at )

As background, initially we learned about this incident when both Sprint’s and AT&T’s fraud divisions called to tell us they suspected fraud and were turning off our long distance.

In the intervening months, Sprint has been a true pleasure to work with, which is reassuring, as they have been our long distance provider for over ten years. Sprint provided us with live customer service support through this whole process, and we are happy to say that once we provided them with proof that our system was, in fact, hacked into, they reversed all charges on the calls we disputed. For those who are considering changing long distance carriers, we cannot recommend Sprint enough. Their customer service made it possible for us to continue our business without the agony of a fight over those charges.

And we know about that agony, because that is exactly what AT&T gave us!

Remembering that AT&T was one of the parties to call to tell us our phones were being used fraudulently, it is hard to think of a way AT&T could have been LESS cooperative from that phone call forward. To point out the most obvious difference between AT&T and Sprint, when you call AT&T’s customer service line, you are told that the only way to dispute charges is to fax your dispute to a fax number. Any attempts to contact a live human lead you right back to that fax line.

We faxed AT&T the same documentation we sent to Sprint. In reply, we received an automated response, telling us not only that we are responsible for the charges, but that 18% interest is accruing on those charges. The fax has no number to call for further discussion.

As far as AT&T was concerned, regardless of the fact that their own fraud division was the first to notify us of this clearly fraudulent situation, we owe the money - period.

Well the good news is we believe we have finally resolved that. And that’s because we had the nice folks at the Arizona Corporation Commission intervene. And surprise of all surprises - it appears AT&T does, in fact, have real customer service people, and not just a fax line. All you need to do to get hold of those customer service representatives is to have a government regulator call on your behalf! Our conversations to date with the folks who finally gave us a call seem to indicate that AT&T will also be crediting us for the fraudulent portion of our bill. (We haven’t seen the final “zero” on our bill, but we are told it will be happening.)

Some people have asked us, if Sprint is our carrier, why do we have to deal with AT&T? It all has to do with those 10-10 numbers you see advertised on TV. Access to AT&T is just a 10-10 call away, regardless of who your main long distance carrier is. And so the perpetrators used our phone system not just to access our own long distance carrier, but any and all others, including AT&T.

While it appears our story is almost to its conclusion (thank goodness!), we continue to caution anyone with a multi-line phone system to take precautions to prevent outsiders from accessing your phone system. (There are downloadable forms with tips for how to do so at )

And lastly, we advise anyone whose long distance carrier is AT&T that perhaps you might want to rethink how you will be treated if this sort of thing happens to you.

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Every month, hundreds of new subscribers sign up for our e-newsletter, most of whom learn about our site from a friend or colleague. Here’s just one comment we received:

I stumbled upon your site while looking for fundraising organizations. I am an MBA and founded a non-profit youth and family services organization in 1995. I am very impressed with the information and its organization on this site. I am going to use several of the ideas from various articles I have read. Thanks so much for the information - I only wish that I had found this site earlier.

Bob McLeod

Because board members so rarely receive information on how to do their job better, please be sure to pass this newsletter along to your board. Or better yet, sign them all up to receive a copy of their own!

Sneak Preview:
Here’s what’s on our plates for you for 2005. You won’t be disappointed!

In the first few months of 2005, we will be unveiling the next in our Community-Driven seminar series - a seminar on Comprehensive Organizational Capacity Planning.

At the same time, we will be coming out with our next workbook - this one will get your board happily engaged in drumming up support for your organization. And yes, we said “happily!”

In the 2nd half of the year, the book that details our Community-Driven model will hit the market. And at that time, we will be unveiling other workshops in the Community-Driven seminar series, including the workshop on Governance and Accountability.

It will be a busy year here at Help 4 NonProfits & Tribes, and we look forward to seeing how you use our resources to make your communities better places to live. Because improving the quality of life in your community is the only thing that matters.

As always, we wish you all the possibilities life holds, for you and the ones you love.

Hildy and Dimitri
Help 4 NonProfits & Tribes
4433 E. Broadway Blvd. Ste 202
Tucson, Arizona 85711

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