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May 2007

This has been such a busy year so far, it is hard to believe it is only May. We have a ton to share with you, so let's just dive in!

Here is what you will find in this edition:!

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New Article: 3 Statements That Can Change the World: Mission / Vision / Values

Last Chance: Board Recruitment & Orientation Workbook

Special Story:A Lesson in a Photo
Use It Today: Creating a Board Recruitment Brochure
Community-Driven Brain Teaser: Paying Your Organization First
New Website:Introducing Hildy's Blog, "Creating the Future!"
Cool Distractions: Staying Cool this Summer
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Help 4 NonProfits Website Chosen as Website of the Month!
What They're Saying
Sneak Preview: Coming Soon at the Community-Driven Institute
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Please read and enjoy, and pass these items along. We know it will help you improve the quality of life in your community. And isn't that why we all do the work we do?

New Article:
3 Statements That Can Change the World: Mission / Vision / Values
If you think you know everything about Mission Statements, Vision Statements, Values Statements, guess again.
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Last Chance Before the Price Goes Up
Board Recruitment & Orientation Workbook
On June 1, we will be releasing the 2nd edition of our workbook, Board Recruitment & Orientation: A Step-by-Step, Common Sense Guide. The biggest change in the new edition is the inclusion of a CD with all the forms, to make it easier to use and re-use those forms. (We have made some other small changes to the workbook, mostly for the sake of clarity and for the sake of honor - see below!). The price of the new edition will be $27.95.

At the risk of sounding like a furniture clearinghouse, we still have some of the 1st edition left at $17.95. This is the book that has become the industry standard for Board Recruitment and Orientation, so if you want to purchase the book for that low price, click here. After May 31, the price of the new edition will be $27.95.

As always, we will honor our Bulk Price Rates (as much as 40% off) and our Whole Board Discount (50% off for your whole board) on the 1st edition until May 31. Let us know and we will set some aside for you! Click here or call Erin at 1-888-787-4433. . After May 31, the price of the new edition will be $27.95.

Special Story
A Lesson in a Photo
We don't always have the opportunity for true confessions, but here it is, straight from the horse's mouth. If you have ever wondered about the photo on the cover of the 1st Edition of our Board Recruitment Workbook - the infamous photo of Hildy in fatigues - Hildy tells all here.
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Use it Today:
Board Recruitment Brochure
A Board Recruitment Brochure is a simple tool for introducing prospective board members to your board.
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Community-Driven Brain Teaser:
Paying Your Organization First
As you start aiming your work at creating the future of your community, new ways of seeing often catch you by surprise! So here is this month's Brain Teaser:

We've all heard the finance gurus tell us to pay ourselves first. What might be different if our organizations paid themselves first - with both time and money?
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New Website!
Introducing Hildy's Blog, "Creating the Future!"

Hildy has finally caved in to the powers that be (Dimitri, our staff, our clients, our friends) and created a blog. It is called Creating the Future and it is here:

Creating the Future is devoted to furthering our thinking about how we can do just that - create a better future for our communities and our world. Here is some of what you will find there:

  • Stop Signs to Creating a Better World: If this is the sector that was supposed to change the world, how can we get past the roadblocks, and on to building an amazing future? A weekly series.
  • Monday Morning Rock Out! Because we all need a bit of a boost to start the week.
  • Whatever strikes Hildy's fancy: Consulting dilemmas. Learning about blogs. A rant here or there...

If you have never been to a blog, and wonder what all the fuss is, Hildy has created a special page at the blog, called "What's a Blog?" - you will see it at the top of the home page at

(Please note: if you want to subscribe to get updates from Hildy's Creating the Future blog site, just head to and subscribe at the top of the right-hand column. Your subscription to this newsletter will NOT subscribe you to receive updates from that site.)

We hope you enjoy what you find there. And please - we want the blog to create a place for conversation. If you find a post you agree with or disagree with or have a story about - please post a comment. We look forward to the conversation!

Cool Distractions
Because Sometimes You Just Need a Break!
As the weather gets warm for those of us heading into summer, what better place to be than the beach? (And as the weather heads into winter for our colleagues in the southern hemisphere, even more reason to want to be at the beach!)

Some of our friends have asked us to post our past year's New Years Card, so it can always be online to make us all smile. We have done so - we hope you enjoy!
See it here

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Hildy Could Be Your Keynote Speaker!
Hildy’s speaking schedule is nonstop, and the reviews are all incredible. Not only is she rated among the best speakers those conferences have ever had, attendees are consistently inspired to immediately put into practice the things she talks about! If you would like Hildy to keynote your annual conference, let us know!
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Help 4 NonProfits Website Chosen as Website of the Month!
The Montana Nonprofit Association chose our website as its website of the month for April 2007! Many thanks to Brian Magee and the staff of the MNA for choosing our site!
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What They're Saying

Every month, hundreds of new subscribers sign up for our newsletter. Here's one of our favorite comments this month:

"Through browsing the articles I found on your website, I was able to put together an entire training session for my board on their responsibilities. I have also sent them your list of classes, so they can determine which of those classes they want to take. With the work our board is doing, this site will really help them. "

E.Freeman, Chicago, Illinois

Sneak Preview:
Coming Soon at the Community-Driven Institute

Next month, the Community-Driven Institute will be releasing its first course - Introduction to Community-Driven Consulting. If you consult to the Community Benefit Sector* and you want your practice to create more impact in the world, the Institute's Consultant Curriculum has been developed for you! So stick around for next month's newsletter - great stuff is coming!

* Curious about our use of the words "Community Benefit Sector?"
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As we continue to develop the Community-Driven Institute, helping you create the future of your community, we hope you will let us know what you think. What would be helpful to have on our website, or to include in our newsletter? How have you used the products and programs we already have in place, and how have they worked for you? We appreciate the feedback, because our goal is to help you change the world (or just your piece of it). So let us know!

Thank you, as always, for the work you do to make your communities better places to live. We wish for you all the possibilities life holds.

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